What is Call Center?

AIC is dedicated to a new generation of call center under the era of big data, and promotes the traditional call center to full-contact multimedia call center based
on Internet, customer contact center, data analysis center and marketing center. We totally understand that in a highly competitive market environment, a single
solution can’t meet the needs of each enterprise, therefore. Therefore, AIC designs call center solution, outsourcing service program, and marketing program based on Internet that can meet the enterprise demands by focusing on the goal, strategic goal and future development of the enterprise.

The design concept of these plans comes from our accurate grasp for the market and years of successful operation experiences. AIC provides high-quality
customer liaison services for customers in the fields of operator, financial industry, logistics, property management, e-commerce, electronics and tourism, etc.

Comprehensively improve customer business flow chart

We can provide call center outsourcing service

Operation outsour- cing of call center

We provide full process operation and management services from recruitment, training, team building, field management, recording quality inspection to assessment and incentive according to customer demand.

Human resource service

We provide our customers with a full range of professional HR service solutions through our HR partnership. The company has labor dispatch business license and human resources service license.

Consultant in call center

Combined with years of experience and successful cases in telecom, finance and insurance industry, we provide customer service, telemarketing management consulting and training services to potential high-end customers.

Offshore outsourcing of call center

Provide multi-language call center, personnel dispatch, system construction and other services for multinational companies.

Service for workplace construction

According to the workplace construction experience of call center in many cities, we scientifically customize the customized functional area according to the needs of partners in different fields, provide customers with highly intelligent modern workplace construction services, and guide customers to realize the one-stop management service of “bag check”.

Rental service

According to different customer demands and combined with our resource advantages, we provide customers with system integration, platform leasing, seat leasing, line leasing and short number.



Whatever you want to discuss, we're here to help. We love to hear about your business
goals and how we can develop marketing strategies to help you achieve them.


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