Platform introduction

Momo is a location-based mobile social tool. You can know strangers in any surrounding areas through Momo, check their personal information and location, and chat and interact with them. With Momo, you can transform online relationships into offline real ones in a very timely manner. According to the data, Momo's daily flow is stable at 200 million, and its users’ consumption capacity is high. Most users in Momo are the main population of online shopping. For advertiser, Momo has large flow and there are few advertisers, so it is a very cost effective choice at the moment.

Marketing advantage

Momo helps strangers nearby based on precise orientation

Build a platform for new social relations and interest activities in the city.

At present, the number of refreshing nearby pages is 167 million times per day.

  • 167 million

    The average number of refreshing nearby

  • 446 million

    The number of browsing personal data per day

More than 490 million mobile users have used Apps like instant messaging

In 2014, it was honored as the first year of mobile Internet. Instant messaging applications have opened up the entire ecological chain, and game e-commerce, O2O and other services will reach users through the entrance of instant messaging. The huge entrance price cannot be ignored.

Momo users are generally at the age of 19-32, higher than the average of mobile Internet users. The proportion of students is small, covering the mainstream white-collar population with strong consumption ability.

Platform resource

Show form: Image-text Ads with information flow

Promotion cost is low, less competition, and over 100 million information flow per day.

Momo’s consumption is extremely active, and purchasing power is strong.

It is the only and first social product focused on mobile terminal.



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