Platform introduction

Toutiao, a news and media application in China, can make you easily know the most popular information and interact with friends to express views on the world. At the same time, users can collect interesting news and find their own headlines. Users can enjoy reading, check friends' reading status, and watch news and current affairs. There are more than 20 amazing optimization updates in Toutiao's social edition, including summary mode, offline reading, synchronized collection and one-click sharing, etc.

Marketing advantage

Top high-quality users

Own over 18 million daily active users and a total of over 180 million users in two years.

The most intelligent distribution

The platform with most intelligent information distribution processes over one million information contents per day.

The longer you use it, the more it understands you; and the more people you interact with, the more it understands you.

The most accurate arrival

To find users’ interests according to Microblog behavior, reading behavior, geographical location, occupation, and age, etc. After each user’s action, update the user model within 10 seconds.

Real-time background data

With flexible background operation, can directly make advertisement strategy in the background of Toutiao, and check the data and user portrait clicking on the advertisements.

Platform resource

Exert and launch full-screen Ads

At least 10 million people will see advertisements every day, which is suitable for strengthening brand strategy.

News feed Ads with large image

The advertisement is displayed in news information flow, and the advertisement picture is larger than the news picture, so as to attract high attention.

News feed Ads with small image

The same font size of a news picture is used to show advertisements in news information flow.



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