Platform introduction

Tencent Social Ads is an effective advertising platform based on Tencent social network system. Through Tencent Social Ads, advertisers can advertise on Qzone, QQ client, mobile Qzone, mobile QQ, WeChat, QQ music client, Tencent News client and many other platforms for product promotion. As the active performance advertisement, Tencent Social Ads can realize more intelligent advertisement matching and efficient advertisement resource utilization. The Tencent Social Ads mobile alliance in the mobile Internet environment has covered the Android. iOS system, and the advertising forms include Banner Ads, Screen Ads, screen-opening Ads, Application Wall, News feed Ads and many other types.

Marketing advantage

Tencent Social Ads, an effective advertising system launched by Tencent Company, is a leading effective advertising marketing platform in China. In addition, it relies on the massive high-quality resources of Tencent, provides advertisers with cross-platform and cross-terminal network promotion solutions, and uses Tencent big data processing algorithm to realize effect advertising platform with controllable costs, considerable benefits and intelligent Internet.

Based on the unique gene of Tencent social platform, Guangdiantong provides advertisers with a one-stop online promotion marketing platform with
cross-platform, cross-terminal and other services by taking mass users as the foundation, big data insight as the core, and intelligent targeted promotion as the orientation.

  • Big platform

    Tencent's open system has
    over 10 billion flow

  • Multilevel

    Deep insight into users
    Big data +SNS LBS marketing scene

  • Cross-terminal

    Cross-terminal, multi-scene and
    full-time promotion

Platform resource

Image-text Ads of Qzone information flow

With the basic style of Qzone News feed Ads, you only need to provide a picture in PNG
or IPG format within size of 1000*560px, 90KB or so for advertisements.

Qzone video Ads

5-second video advertising is more conducive to the brand to
show rich content, and it is the most popular creative form
among advertisers, with leading click rate.

News feed Ads with video: It is displayed in the user's message
flow for efficient contact.

Floating video Ads: It is displayed in the recommended list of user video, and it is automatically played on the slider to provide an
immersive experience.

IQzone information flow— micro-advertising

Cinemagraph of micro-advertising is a popular creative form between static pictures and dynamic
pictures. It can create a humorous artistic conception by creating a sense of "incongruity" in time and
space. Currently, it is very popular among domestic and foreign brands, especially suitable for small
screen to reflect the product's texture. Industry data shows that the its click rate is 6 times of ordinary Banner Ads and even 2 times of Flash Ads; Qzone's official measured interactive data has increased by 6%,
while the duration of its advertisement has increased by 5.7% compared with that of static graph Ads.

Qzone information flow—multi-picture rotation advertising

Multi-picture rotation advertising supports advertisement display by 3
pictures, which can carry a richer and more flexible idea and is more suitable
for the brand to tell a good advertising story.
Practices in the industry at home and abroad have proved that the experience of horizontally sliding is better than clicking for jump when the mobile terminal shows more abundant contents.

Qzone information flow - brand page card advertising

The brand page card is a customized advertising resource that fully mobilizes social elements.
The exclusive nickname can effectively enhance users' willingness to read, and the personalized
dressing that ignites young people's sense of honor is also open to the brand. The brand topic
circle can create an interactive area of the brand.

WeChat advertising

WeChat advertising is a form of advertising based on WeChat public platform launched by WeChat
team and Tencent Social Ads. WeChat advertising
has three characteristics: The most massive
resources, efficient lease and controllable data.

QQ music mobile client ads

QQ music is a leading online music platform and legitimate
digital music service provider in China's Internet sector,
with 300 million monthly users and 70 million daily users. In
combination with QQ music, Guangdiantong launched the social advertisement based on PC/ mobile client, including the
screen-opening and banner pictures. The high-quality flow
resources of QQ music and professional intelligent
recommendation algorithm of Guangdiantong will release great commercial value for the advertisers whose products are
positioned as youth and fashion.

Tencent news client ads

The advertisement of Guangdiantong on the Tencent News APP will be mainly
presented in the form of a half-screen photo banner on the comment page and a text
chain at the bottom of the subscription. Tencent News APP not only covers a wide range of areas, but also gathers the "three-high" crowd with high education degree,
high-quality user and high income. The "three -high" crowd will release new commercial
value for brand advertising through the intelligent big data analysis of the "three high"

PC platform resource

Tencent Social Ads has many users in Tencent social platform, and provides advertisers with high-quality advertising display resources, such as Qzone, QQPC terminal, and QQ music’s PC client, etc. Meanwhile, it cooperates with numerous external flow resources to gather a large number of high-quality flow resources, so as to provide one-stop promotion service for advertisers.

Qzone resource

Qzone resource

Mobile alliance resources

Mobile alliance advertising is a mobile embedded advertising platform that provides mobile application developers with "flow realization" by relying on advertising technology and advertising resources of Tencent Social Ads platform. It has core advantages, such as high profit sharing, data transparency and multi-platform support.



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