The four major advantages of WeChat Moments Ads

  • Massive users

    Based on 8 million active WeChat users, and 10 million + WeChat official accounts Let the advertisement gain mass exposure instantly

  • Accurate orientation

    Make intelligent orientation and accurate targeting based on region, city, business area (LBS), gender, educational background, age (5-60 years old), marital status, mobile phone system, and networking environment, and so on.

  • High degree of activity

    The average WeChat user visits their friends 10 times a day The reading volume is huge every month

  • Data analysis

    Big data support, and accurate analysis of delivery effect Effectively increase exposure, click rate, interactions, and attention percent conversion, etc.

Local advertising

With the help of LBS technology, it can accurately target the
surrounding population of 3-5 kilometers

Whether it is opening of new store, promotion, new product
launch, or member marketing, effectively target local customers,
and improve store customer visits

The store name and city can be used to enhance the recognition of local users to the brand of merchants

Advertisements in native promotion page

Better help the brand to improve the user's visual experience through form and technology

It consists of two parts: WeChat outer layer display and native promotion
page in inner layer

Click to open the native promotion page directly to experience the process naturally

Video Ads

External small video plays by default, click to enter full video Skip
links can be selected to go deeper and bring the target audience
into the story situation “spontaneously” Present the brand
proposition vividly

Image-text Ads

Like the dynamic structure of Moments, its text, picture and link can be
configured freely

Provide a variety of display forms to meet the personalized creative

Satisfy your multiple promotional objectives

Advertising is integrated into the life scene, let users know, like your brand,
connect brands and users through interaction, enhance brand awareness and spread.



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