What is QQ Ads?

There are 640 million active accounts in QQ smart terminal, and the highest number of simultaneous online accounts is up to 240 million. Based on Tencent’s massive data about user behavior and cross-screen account system, QQ Client Ads can support a variety of flexible and accurate methods of contacting people, such as attribute label, LBS, scene orientation, etc., and are native social ads that are applicable to mobile application download, e-commerce purchase, brand activities and other advertising targets.

QQ Ads pattern

“Today hotspot” News feed Ads

The advertisement has no feeling of inconsistency and is integrated into
“Today Hotspot” of mobile QQ
news plug-in. It usually appears in the 8th news. The advertisement can
draw users' attention just like the news, which is especially suitable for the
release of information advertisement material.

“People nearby” News feed Ads

TThe advertisement appears in the 7th place of the information
flow in “people nearby”, which can support application download
or link to your H5 landing page. It is a type of accurate advertisement form of LBS with high transformation efficiency.
The advertisement can also show the distance between your store and users, so that it is suitable for stores or other O2O
advertisers with extensive businesses in many cities.

QQ browser feed

The advertisement is in three core-flow spaces of the homepage of QQ
browser, the headline and hot text of WeChat. It is the native
advertisement presented in the form of information when users browse
information. It has a good reading experience and occupies users’ high
concentration of attention.

QQ Whether Ads

The advertisement appears under the QQ Weather.
The advertisement environment is pure and has a high degree of
focus, which is very suitable for the release of products with
marketing demands related to weather scenes. Users can also get
to the advertisement page through
the QQ Weather Official Account.



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