What is performance-based advertising of Zhihu?

Performance-based advertising of Zhihu is to display high-quality advertising products on Zhihu mobile terminal in the native form. Advertising forms are diverse, including 5 major forms, such as pictures and texts, videos and text chain, etc. to meet advertisers’ demands for different effect transformations.

  • 100 million


  • 26 million

    The number of active users per day

  • 18 billion

    Monthly page view

  • 60 minutes

    Average visiting length

Performance-based advertising pattern of Zhihu

Advertisement with large image

Advertisement with large image can be displayed on the home page,
comment page, question page and answer page of Zhihu APP, showing no
feeling of incongruity, and the details page of advertisement is consistent
with the community style of Zhihu, so as to display the content and attract
users' attention.

Advertisement with small image

The native style of advertising is displayed on the homepage,
question page and answer page of Zhihu APP. One advertisement appears once for each 8 contents, and the advertising style is
integrated with the natural content of Zhihu, with sufficient
advertisement resource flow, low material production cost, and
high passing rate.

Text Ads

The advertisements show up through recommended reading in the
homepage of information flow and answer page of Zhihu APP, and the
advertisements are perfectly embedded into the natural contents. One
advertisement appears once for each 8 contents, which leads to high click
rate of the advertisement and low production cost of materials.
The advertisements are of obvious effect for information and education.

Group-photo advertisement

One set of materials is applicable to multiple advertising resources; three-photo exposure attracts more users’ attention.
The group-photo advertisement can carry more flexible and rich advertising creativity and is more suitable for the brand to publicize a type of product characteristics with interesting plot. This
advertising space can be placed on the homepage, question page and answer page of Zhihu APP.

Video advertisement

Video ads that run for no more than 30 seconds are automatically played in WiFi mode, which is one of the most popular
advertising forms among advertisers. The advertisement contents are
three-dimensional and vivid, and the click-through rate of the
advertisement is in the lead. Video ads can be displayed on the home page and problem page of Zhihu APP.

Platform advantage of Zhihu advertisement

Unique marketing value of Zhihu



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