What is Qzone Ads?

Qzone has 640 million active accounts, of which more than 60% of users are young people born in the 1990s. News feed Ads in the Qzone appears in the user's dynamic information, which is a type of native social advertisement integrated in user UGC. It draws user's native and natural attention, so that it is very suitable for the brand to communicate with young people in the social scene.

Qzone Ads pattern

Qzone image-text Ads

You only need to provide a picture for deliver the image-text Ads in the
dynamic information of Qzone. Clicking the link to jump to the target page you provide is supported by image-text Ads. You can interact with the
users, guide the download of mobile applications, conduct discount
purchase and carry out other abundant brand activities.

Qzone video Ads

The 15-second video Ads is one of the most popular creative forms among advertisers, with leading click-through rates. It is especially suitable for brands with video communication plan to precisely
target people through Qzone and communicate with users in social scenes.

Qzone immersion video flow Ads

Immersion video flow Ads brings users into the “light-off effect” immersion experience, allowing users to highly focus on the advertisement video. At
the end of viewing video in the Qzone, users will automatically slide to the
next video.
Your advertisement video will be in highly related content scenes.

Qzone multiple-photo rotation Ads

Multiple-photo rotation Ads supports advertisement display by
using three pictures, which can carry a richer and more flexible
originality and is more suitable for the brand to tell a good
advertising story. Practices in the industry at home and abroad
have proved that for the abundant contents in mobile terminal,
the experience of sliding horizontally is better than that of clicking for jump.



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